Shoreline extraction points everyone should know

What is an Extraction point?

Escape from Tarkov is all about getting safely out from the desired map of yours after combating with your opponents. You may use Escape from Tarkov hacks to get some in-game benefits during the gameplay. But you should know how to extract from the field to retain the items you have got. Although you know how to extract, it is mandatory to know every extraction point on your map. In this article, let us discuss some of the extraction points on the Shoreline map of Escape from Tarkov.

Pier Boat

You can find the Pier Boat extraction point on the Shoreline in the middle of the northern end of the map. It is available only for the PMC players. You can take the wooden jetty beside the lighthouse as an indication for the extraction point. This exit point is not available all the time, and you can confirm its availability with the lights on the boat. To start your extraction, you should go towards the wooden jetty and stand near the boat. However, if you are a Scav, you cannot extract through this point and should go to the lighthouse.

CCP Temp

It is another extraction point available for PMC players. You can find a long road at the northwestern part of the map, covering the round edge. There will be a separate path moving further north from the road. This path will lead you to a facility that helps you to exit from the field. CCP Temp extraction point will not be available all the time. To identify its availability, you should check whether the light above the door is on. If not, you cannot exit at the moment. You do not need to have anything to be eligible to exit through CCP Temp.

Road to customs

It is the only extraction point in the Shoreline map that will allow both PMC and Scav players to extract through it. You can extract through the road to customs at all the time, and you need not have any specific things to activate the extraction process. You need to go to the western end of the map near the play area to reach the extraction point. CCP Temp can be the identical factor. There will be a large gate before which you should stand to start the extraction process.

Rock Passage

It is another PMC-exclusive extraction point on the Shoreline map. You do not need anything to go through it, but you cannot go whenever you want. It will not be available all the time. You can check the availability of the passage by reaching it. When you reach the boulder with the flare, the extraction timer will start.


It will be there at the very end of the Shoreline on the northeastern coast. You can reach the point by traveling through the waters with the Shoreline on your right. There will be a road leading to a broken tunnel. You should stand before the tunnel to start extraction.